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Welcome to Spirit Way

Here you will find support for your wellbeing - for balance and growth; for healing of the mind/body/spirit; or simply to experience more of your own unique vibration and embrace life more fully.

Right now you may be feeling - Ungrounded, Overwhelmed, Disconnected, Highly Sensitive, Unmotivated - or simply feeling there is so much more you could be experiencing in life. You know it's time to make positive changes in your life, your relationships and feel more grounded on your soul path.  Join me on a retreat, enjoy a personal healing or participate in the on-line programme as you take the next step towards transformation.

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BYRON BAY - 8th AUGUST 2017 (8:8)






Personal Readings and Healing Sessions

A powerful way enjoy more connection with your spirit, release negative patterns and experience deep healing. Each session is unique to your individual process and gives you tools to support your on-going growth and transformation. A Personal Session will benefit so many areas of your life – relationships, career, health, business, parenting and more…         

7 Keys to Balancing the Chakras - e-Course with guided meditations & chakra practices - enjoy greater vitality & renewed passion for life 

Balancing the Chakras is the key to more fulfillment in your life. This comprehensive self-study programme of discovery, gives you the tools to enjoy more balance and harmony in all areas of your life.  Choose from 3 Learning Options to suit your personal process - read more           

Spirit Way Essences

A unique vibrational healing system creating balance in the 7 major chakras (energy centres). Enjoy a seven week process to balance and harmonize your whole being. Spirit Way Essences are a perfect complement to many alternative therapies – Homeopathy, Massage, Naturopathy, Vibrational Healing, Kinesiology…

My vision is to encourage vibrational harmony and balance through deep spiritual connection, healing of the whole person and self empowerment tools for daily life.
Living in Vibrational Harmony is to feel more connected with your surroundings, live more fully in the present moment, enjoy more synchronicity in your life (being in the right place at the right time!) and experience more moments of spontaneous joy!
Looking forward to meeting you on the journey of wellness!