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7 KEYS TO BALANCING THE CHAKRAS  Balancing the Chakras sm

  • Are you looking for greater fulfillment and harmony in your relationships?        

  • Do you feel unmotivated and unfulfilled in your life and work?                                       

  • Would you like to feel more grounded, have clear boundaries and trust your intuition more fully?

The 7 Keys to Balancing the Chakras programme is for you if you are ready to make a commitment to your own growth and healing now!

This comprehensive e-course will guide you in the personal exploration and discovery to embrace positive change. It will enhance your understanding of the energy body, the spirit/body connection and give you an experience of the way the chakras can support success and fulfilment in all areas of your life.

For those working in the healing arts, a thorough understanding and experience of the chakras is essential in understanding yourself and your clients. This is the perfect professional development course if you are a life coach, yoga teacher, body worker, therapist or healer.

Take the next step on your personal soul path and enjoy –

  • Increased vitality and renewed passion for life
  • Greater acceptance, trusting yourself and others more
  • Letting go of control and reclaiming your power
  • Creating loving, balanced intimate relationships
  • Clear communication and trusting your inner guidance
  • isioning and embracing your soul path with clarity
  • Inner knowing and access to higher wisdom


With the 7 Keys to Balancing the Chakras programme you will receive –

  • Introduction & Intention Setting

  • 7 Chakra Profiles

  • 7 Chakra Balancing Tools & Meditations

  • 7 Chakra Self-Exploration Journals

  • 7 Audio Meditations (MP3 recordings)

  • BONUS Full Chakra Balancing Meditation

  • BONUS Video - Throat Chakra Altar
  • Email support if you have questions or concerns

There are 3 OPTIONS for the Chakra Balancing Programme – choose the one to suit you:


Normally $247 - Launch special - $147 - BUY HERE

You receive all the above, including the recorded meditations to support your personal exploration and balancing the chakra system.  The audio files are for you to download and listen to whenever you choose.  You can follow the programme in your own time.           

"I loved your chakra course... and in fact have recently started doing it again!"

Ali Dear, Yoga Teacher & Nutritionist


Normally $297 - Launch special - $227 - BUY HERE

You receive all the above PLUS a one hour Personal Reading & Healing session with Anna Watts on Skype or phone at a time to suit you. This session give you will give you invaluable feedback on the chakras, light body and how to connect with your spirit and energy body more effectively for health and wellbeing.

"This knowledge and experience of the chakras has helped me resolve many issues from my past.  I now understand their connection with my energy centres and how to release blockages, to bring great harmony and balance into my life.  I highly recommend this course and Anna's work as a gifted healer."

Radhika, Transpersonal Counsellor & Art Therapist


Normally $797 - Launch special - $647 - BUY HERE

You receive all the above PLUS 7 Spirit Way Vibrational Essences AND 3 Personal Chakra Healing sessions (1 hour each) on Skype or phone at a time to suit you, and email Mentoring during your programme.  This extensive option is for you if you wish to really ‘dive deep’ into chakra exploration and healing, or if you already have an understanding of the chakras and how they affect your wellbeing and would like to experience greater harmony in your life. 

Spirit Way Vibrational Essences offer a subtle, yet powerful way to create balance in the chakras, the aura, the physical body and to support your spiritual well-being. This form of vibrational medicine has been practiced widely in ancient civilisations, including the technologically advanced cultures of Atlantis and Egypt. Today, vibrational medicine includes Homeopathy, Flower Essences, Gem Elixirs, Light Essences and Aromatherapy.  The Chakra Balancing Essences will enhance and support your Premium Balancing and Healing the Chakras programme.                                                                                                                                          

EssencesThe 7 Chakras hold the keys to our wellbeing – physically, emotionally and spiritually. They are our personal “living libraries”, which contain all the information necessary for our personal healing and spiritual awakening.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘wheel’, they can be experienced as spinning ‘wheels of light’ which reflect the health or imbalance of the person.When the chakras are balanced you will have a greater sense of life purpose, more vitality and wellbeing. In fact, balancing the chakras raises your unique vibration and enhances all areas of your life!


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