Spirit Way Vibrational Harmongy



“Mary and Anna lovingly create, energetically and physically, a place where we can heal, laugh, share and explore possibilities and truths that are our own. In their 2-day Vibrational Essence course we worked through our chakras on many levels. It profoundly affected me. The brilliance of the system they have created with these essences is so simple but expansive. I guess that's how I feel each time I work with them - expansive - more of who I am.”
Robin, Bellingen

“From this course I have gained remarkable insights into the reasons why we as human beings interact with each other the way we do, the results of which, are manifest in our personal situations and the world around us. The techniques taught, support given and insights gained have allowed me to step out of being an unconscious victim of circumstance into a conscious world of immeasurable beauty and opportunity. I personally am eternally indebted.”
Martin, Brisbane

“A year with Anna and Mary doing the Spirit Way Training has completely transformed my life in a very subtle way. It was a blessing to have their guidance and support as I underwent so much personal healing and developed my own skills and creativity. I would highly recommend this Vibrational Healing Course to anyone.”
Radhika, Bangalow

“Since June 1997 I have had major problems sleeping. Physically since the healing I have been sleeping 'like a baby' – it’s so incredible a change … a miracle.
I was so happy after the session and feel it has been of awesome benefit. Thank you to both of you so much.”
Jeannine, Queensland

Another step on internal journey
I was offered a Chakra alignment by a wonderfully gifted practitioner, Anna Watts.
Now sitting in front of Anna, I was guided to ‘gently breathe into my Chakras’, moving from base red up to violet at the crown.
Soon I experienced a state of pure bliss, which Anna correctly described as ‘heaven on earth’, as I sensed my wonderful light body infusing my physical body under her guidance.
This internal journey is every bit as rewarding as my love of travel ‘out there’.  Indeed, more and more it is clear that this is the real journey we exist to explore.  I love it.
Christopher Dean, Dean’s World (Northern Star – 15 May 2010)

Feedback on Skype sessions -

"I hadn't really thought much about using Skype prior to booking in a session with Anna but within just a few minutes I realised that there was absolutely no difference at all to being in the same room as her.  In some ways it can be easier in terms of convenience and being in your own space.  I can definitely say that working with Anna over Skype has made such a difference in my life and I am grateful to be able to make the most of technology to do so."  Chris, Sydney