Spirit Way Vibrational Harmongy


Spiritual or Vibrational Healing and Energy Balancing is a gentle, yet profound way to feel more present and connected in your life. Our healing sessions offer support for many different situations – physical, emotional, spiritual. 

Here we outline just a few of these issues and the benefits you will experience. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or a particular issue for which you would like to receive support.

Sessions usually last approx. 1 - 1.5 hrs.  Price range $125 - $180 

I believe in encouraging young people to connect more fully with themselves and offer Special Rates for Teenagers - contact for details.

Gift Certificates - give the gift of healing to a friend or loved one with a session of their choice.

BOOK NOW –  Contact us to arrange a time for your appointment. Payment can be made in cash, direct deposit or through Paypal.

Spiritual Healing and Energy Balancing

Feeling stressed, unwell or overwhelmed?
A personal healing session brings harmony to any area of your life that is out of balance. Spiritual healing facilitates realignment in the whole being – the physical, emotional and spiritual – including the aura and the chakras. This session supports the gentle release of blockages and negative emotions, allowing you to reconnect with your soul in present time. This creates the space for new, wholesome ways of being now and in the future.
You will leave feeling relaxed, more balanced and harmonious.

Guidance in Times of Change

Feeling confused about changes in your life? Ready to move on but need support?
A personal session, combining spiritual guidance and healing, can bring clarity and a balanced perspective during times of major change. This session will give you the opportunity to heal past experiences and release emotional blocks – allowing for a smooth and empowering transition into new beginnings.
You will leave with more clarity and certainty to enjoy the next step on your journey.

Conception, Pregnancy & Birth

Preparing for conscious conception? Pregnant and needing support? Wanting to heal a past birth experience?
Every pregnancy is a unique and individual experience, from the discovery of the conception to the labour and birth of your baby. This session creates a safe, nurturing space to bring more focus and awareness of conscious conception, pregnancy and birth. A deeper spiritual connection with your baby and your inner wisdom for giving birth is encouraged and supported. During the healing we will explore birthing options, heal any fears or traumatic experiences - allowing you to move forward with clarity and confidence.

You will leave feeling calm, centred and empowered as a woman.

Please contact us to enquire about bookings