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Crystal Light Bed

crystal-light-bedCrystal Light Bed Healing is an ancient practice dating back to the time of Atlantis. This profound healing system pulses coloured light through 7 clear quartz crystals to clear your energy field and align the 7 major chakra centres.
The Crystal Light bed has been designed by the healing guides working through the renowned Brazilian Medium Healer – ‘John of God’. Thousands of people from all over the world visit 'John of God' each year to receive healing and spiritual guidance at the Casa de Dom Ignacio in the small town of Abadania in Brazil.
Crystal Light Bed sessions are regularly 'prescribed' by the healing guides to help support the healing process. Special permission must be granted by 'John of God' to purchase a Crystal Light Bed and offer this profound healing to others. In 2009 Anna visited Brazil and, with the help of the 'Angels' brought the Crystal Light Bed back to Australia.

Benefits of Crystal Light Bed Healing include –

  • Relaxing and calming
  • Releases stress, anxiety and trauma
  • Cleanses and balances the aura and chakras
  • Allows deep healing work to take place
  • Works on all levels – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual

Transformational experiences during or after the session include –

  • Feeling more relaxed and present
  • Easy, gentle release of emotional blockages
  • Physical healing and well-being
  • Increased spiritual direction
  • Clearer and deeper meditations
  • More energy and vitality
  • Anti-aging effects – youthful glow to the face and skin

There are no contra-indications for the Crystal Light Bed – completely safe for pregnant women and children.

Crystal Light Bed Sessions – from $70

Crystal Light Bed Packages – ask about our special discounts for a series of sessions to support your healing process. 

Gift Certificates - give the gift of healing to a friend or loved one with a Crystal Light Bed gift certificate.

Personal Healing Packages – Complete Energy Balance – a personal healing session for your emotional/physical/spiritual well-being complemented by a Crystal Light Bed session. Feel wonderful…! 1.5 hours – $130

Gift Certificates - give the gift of healing to a friend or loved one with a Crystal Light Bed gift certificate. 

Crystal Light Bed Sessions
are available in Coorabell (nr. Byron Bay) and visiting Bellingen and Sydney – see Calendar for dates.

For bookings call Anna – 0421 510512

For more information about 'John of God' and his healing work in Brazil please visit www.friendsofthecasa.info

For information about 'John of God' healing current meditations in Northern NSW, Australia please visit www.theaustraliancasa.com