Spirit Way Vibrational Harmongy


by Anna Watts and Mary V. Cannon

When we met in Bellingen, Australia in1998 we immediately became friends and began sharing our love of spiritual development and healing. We had no idea our destiny would unfold into the adventures of connecting with ancient cultures, visiting sacred sites and creating the Spirit Way Essences.

We established The Rose Centre in 1999, offering healing sessions and teaching groups with our combined backgrounds in meditation, healing and psychic development. This is where we introduced the first range of Egyptian Essences to small groups and began to see the amazing healing offered from this subtle yet powerful form of vibrational healing.

Discovering a shared passion for travel, we planned a trip to Egypt and through meditation connected with energies from Ancient Egypt. At the beginning of 2001, Anna started receiving clairaudient information, with clear instructions about the healing vibration of the Egyptian Symbols, as well as how and when to begin making the first set of 7 Spirit Way Vibrational Essences.


We agreed to ‘trust’ in this guidance as we both resonated with the information and discovered our joint gift for co-creating the Essences with clear intention and deep connection to spirit.

Our guidance indicated we were creating a ‘Fully Integrated System for Vibrational Healing’ which resonated with the sacred number 7 and with the 7 major chakras. Later, we realised it vibrated with the 7 Stars of the Pleiades, the 7 Colours of the Rainbow, the 7 Musical notes, the 7 Planets in the ancient world, the 7 Gateways in Egyptian Temples and the 7 Rays of Light.

The Spirit Way Essences are made by capturing the healing vibrational qualities of Sacred Sites, Sacred Symbols and Ancient Civilizations in pure water, usually over 7 days and 7 nights – although this has varied in some circumstances. The Mother Tincture is then bottled and preserved in brandy.

There are currently 49 Essences in the Practitioner Kit. Plus two additional ranges – the 7 Personal Chakra Essences and the 7 Planetary Chakra Essences which focus on the vital healing of Mother Earth.

This year we are planning to create a planetary essence for the Third Eye Chakra in Varanasi, India. The journey continues to unfold…