Spirit Way Vibrational Harmongy




Spirit Way Training - Course Overview

A transformational journey of growth and healing, the Spirit Way Training provides a professional and structured learning environment for those on a personal journey of healing; wishing to pursue a career in healing; or to complement their skills in other healing professions.

The Spirit Way 7 Keys to Balancing the Chakras Programme is the perfect introduction to further studies.  This self-paced e-course gives you knowledge and personal insights into working with the energy body, the spirit/body connection and an experience of the chakras' support for greater success and fulfilment in all areas of your life.


The Spirit Way Training covers the 7 key aspects of Vibrational Healing, benefits include –

  • Living life with a greater sense of purpose on your Soul Path
  • Trusting in the process of change as a transformational gift in your life
  • Feeling more empowered in your relationships, career and spirituality
  • Opening more fully to the wisdom of your heart
  • Unlocking creative expression and trusting inner guidance
  • Finding a place of stillness and clarity through meditation
  • Experiencing inner wisdom and joyful connection


The Training is presented with emphasis on the following outcomes –

  • Grounded and practical tools for Vibrational Healing
  • Understanding the aura and etheric body
  • Broad knowledge of the chakra system
  • Self-awareness – physically/emotionally/spiritually
  • Tools for self-development and practitioner care
  • In-depth experience of Spirit Way Essences
  • Demonstrate professional healing practices

Vibrational Healing is primarily an experiential healing modality and time will be allocated for practice and feedback sessions with tutors and between participants.

Who would benefit from the training?
For all those wishing to explore and develop your own healing gifts, enjoy enhanced spiritual wellbeing and fulfilment in your life and relationships. Also recommended for Practitioners wishing to develop new tools to
enhance your work with clients or establish a practice as a Spirit Way Practitioner.

The Course Facilitators are Anna Watts and Mary V. Cannon, creators of Spirit Way Training and Spirit Way Vibrational Essences, with many years experience of Vibrational Healing, teaching and running professional Healing Practices.

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