Spirit Way Vibrational Harmongy

Sacred Planet Retreat 

Raising your vibration in harmony with Mother Earth



Spirit Way Sacred Planet Essences were created at some of the most beautiful sacred sites (Earth Chakras) around the world. They capture the ancient wisdom and vibrational healing of these powerful places and offer the opportunity to align with the planetary healing energies of Mother Earth. 

We are in a time of great change into a new way of being and living in harmony on the planet.  Many of us are called to support the planet from a place of deep healing within our own heart and the heart of Mother Earth.

Join us for this nurturing weekend Retreat for planetary and personal healing - an opportunity to gain more clariety of your Soul Purpose and connection with healing on a global level.

During the Retreat we will reconnect with the ancient wisdom and vibrational healing of some of the most sacred sites (earth chakras) on the planet. We encourage you to embrace your own healing journey as a vital and significant contribution to planetary healing.

We will journey deep into the healing properties of these sacred places and be supported by the Spirit Way Sacred Planet Essences which have been created to help us align with the new vibrational frequencies, as well as offering healing to Mother Earth.

If you feel a deep connection to nature or are a Planetary Healer, Earth Keeper, Guardian or Light Worker the Sacred Planet Retreat supports –

  • Personal healing through realigning with the Earth Chakras
  • Strengthening of the earth’s grid or ley lines
  • Connection with the wisdom of ancient and indigenous cultures
  • The healing work of planetary healers and earth keepers
  • Reconnection with your multi-dimensional self
  • Living your soul purpose and connection with healing on a global level

Dates for 2016 to be announced soon! 

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