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“As I stood gazing up at the sacred rock, the luminous Full Moon appeared to be balancing on its edge, I felt a shiver go through my body and I knew with every cell of my being that I had to live in this ancient land”

This pivotal moment out at Uluru, the heart of Australia and the Solar Plexus Chakra of the planet, was the beginning of a huge transformational change in my life. This change saw me leaving my family and friends to move 12,000 miles across the world from Great Britain to live in Sydney, Australia, I knew no-one there but I was compelled to listen to my calling.

In the following year (1988) I studied Spiritual Healing, trained as a Yoga Teacher, learnt Massage, got married, became pregnant with my first child and gave away a highly successful career in Advertising & Marketing.

My move from the UK to Australia had clearly put me directly on the next step of my soul path – although I didn't know it at the time...

During the following 28 years I have supported thousands of clients to embrace growth and transformation in their lives. Whether face-to-face, on Skype, or in workshops it is such a privilege to work with each and every person in this role of deep trust, connection to spirit and to see them embracing positive change in their lives.  

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Visiting the most powerful sacred sites, or earth chakras, around the world and meeting with healers and shamans has greatly enhanced my understanding of the magical; the mystical; the shamanic; and the way indigenous cultures embrace healing as part of daily life.  I have heartfelt gratitude for all the guides, teachers     and mentors in my life who have played a part in my own growth and healing.  

My vision is to empower you to follow your soul calling, develop your intuitive gifts and healing abilities to feel more confident and create positive change in your life.  I now run Retreats and offer personal sessions in Spiritual Healing, Meditation and Chakra Balancing. The Spirit Way Vibrational Essences, were created in some of the most beautiful sacred sites around the world, these powerful essences draw on ancient wisdom for balance and healing in present time.

The beautiful home birth of my first daughter, shortly followed by her sister, opened me up to the world of spiritual birthing and inspired me to train as a Childbirth Educator and Doula. This work became, and still is, one of my life's passions and I am now privileged to train Doulas and Pre-natal Yoga Teachers in sacred birth and the honouring of this rite of passage for mothers, fathers and babies. Visit http://www.celebrationofbirth.com

"Anna's healing sessions have been a constant support as I have had a number of serious challenges in my life.  I am so grateful for her insights and the deep emotional work she has facilitated for me.  She is a very gifted medicine woman who is able to penetrate the depth of my being and help me on a soul level" Geraldine




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